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Animals have shared their lives with humans as pets for thousands of years. The Egyptians worshipped the cat as a god, Ancient Romans tamed the wildest of animals to become beloved pets (the Romans even taught apes to ride dogs.) An English Knight was often seen on horseback with his pet hawk or falcon resting peacefully on his shoulder.

The splendor of having a pet in your home is endless, the steadfast companionship unmatched by any other. Dogs, who love, protect and entertain, cats who charm us with affection and amaze us in their aloof independence, are all just a few clicks away.

The Winner is....Whatever your pet fancy, Pets online can unite you with your ideal pet. Choose from a variety of traditional pets like golden retrievers or Siamese cats, as well as more exotic pets.
Bloodhound puppiesPets online is the most practical, innovative way to find a pet to fill your heart. Surf our site and find a companion to share life with you.

Please remember to use the Forums to discuss almost any subject real time or when it is convenient.

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